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Welcome baby Nash!!!

As I type this, Nash is sleeping in his rocker in the living room. He is already one month old and the days have gone by sooo fast!!!

This season in time where the days have come and gone in a sleepy blink and I have had so much time with my baby boy have been beyond precious. Thank you to everyone who has shown us, love, we can't thank you enough!

Nash Wylder Dunkel was born on July, 2nd 2022.

Bryan and I had been ready to meet this baby and FINALLY find out who was inside for weeks upon weeks nearing the end of my pregnancy! But with each week that rolled around and no labor, I was having a hard time remaining patient.

When week 40 rolled around, I couldn't believe this baby was still inside!! Noah came at 40 weeks and one day and Mylo came at 40 weeks and five days, so even though it was a long stretch, I truly believed week 40 was the week we would finally meet this little one!

But again, each day passed in week 40 without any signs of labor. As I was rounding the end of week 40, and due to the extreme busyness of the hospital, I was finally given an induction date of 41 weeks and 4 days. I cried while talking to the induction scheduler on the phone. I felt so defeated that it could be another week of being pregnant!!

However, on the night of week 41, everything changed...

I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible ache in my abdomen. I wasn't having contractions (yet), but something felt off and if I wasn't in labor, I was nervous that something was wrong! I told Bryan, "I don't know what this is, but I want to go to the hospital."

Our sweet neighbor came over to our house (at 1:30 am) to stay with the sleeping big kids and Bryan and I quickly left for AAMC.

While crossing the Bay Bridge, I had my first real contraction....

As I felt that vaguely familiar feeling of my abdomen tightening, I was relieved and nervous, knowing that my body was starting the process. I remember it felt like Bryan was driving so fast, I kept telling him, "this is not an emergency", but there are a lot of emotions when thinking about birth and labor for Dad's too!!!

Regardless, with it nearly being the fourth of July weekend and living in Kent Island where traffic can be problematic, I was happy to be at the hospital, even if it was the middle of the night. I was having a lot of anxiety about going into labor and being stuck on the bay bridge leading up to the actual event!!!

After we parked and made our way into triage, my contractions were coming every four minutes and were already hurting so bad. There is nothing in the world like that ache!

The triage nurse then told me I was only 3 cms dilated and that they may need to send me home until I was more dilated. I told her please, give me more time, I know this is happening!!! I think she felt my desperation to stay and have this baby.

They then asked Bryan and I to walk the halls for two hours, hoping I would be more dilated when we were done walking. I felt the challenge and gladly accepted, I knew by the time we were done SOMETHING would happen.

So we walked and we walked... I now know each and every picture on the AAMC labor and delivery floor by memory. It was so hard to walk through the contractions, but we didn't stop. I felt so motivated to do exactly what they told us to do!

By the time we were done, it was 4:30 am, and I was 4 centimeters dilated. Along with the change to 4 cms, I was now having high blood pressure and had protein in my urine, (signs of Preeclampsia) which meant I could stay and be admitted and have my baby. I could have cried tears of joy at that moment, that we would finally get to meet our baby after all of these months.

I got an amazing epidural at 5 cms, just in time as the contractions were really heating up! I wasn't able to get one until 8 cms with Mylo and I was so thankful to get relief sooner this time! Bryan and I then attempted to rest, but with Pitocin running, at 8 am this baby wanted to come out!!!

With a solid three minutes of pushing ( bless you Nash), we welcomed our baby BOY! I had the opportunity to pull Nash out, and that moment feels like heaven and makes you feel a little like a birth warrior too. I will never forget seeing his gorgeous little face and holding his tiny body (5 lbs 15 oz at 41 weeks!!). I swore this baby was a girl (her name would have been Winnie), but the boy surprise this time around was so fun!!! Bryan kept saying "He looks just like Noah."

It was all worth it.

Our postpartum stay was good, but we were SO ready to come home with our baby boy! There's no place like home.

Noah and Mylo loved meeting Nash for the first time, they were incredibly gentle and loving. Watching them love on him gets the endorphins flowing, I can feel my heart growing. The first few weeks as a family of five have definitely been a MAJOR adjustment for all of us. Life is busyyyy with three but wonderful.

Nash completed our family and we are ever grateful for him.

I am pretty terrible at being on "Maternity leave" but am loving the quiet snuggles with our Nash "Nash Potato" while slowly getting back into work!

Thank you Nash for coming into our family, for a safe and healthy delivery, and for this new time as a family of five!

I can't wait to you all when I get back to shooting this fall!

Love, XO Amy