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We are having a baby!!!

This week we shared the exciting news that we are welcoming another baby into our lives, this little one is due June 25th, 2021!!!

This will be our third and last bambino- we already have Noah who will be five in a few short months and Mylo who will be a BIG three-year-old this May! It has definitely taken some time for this news to sink in for all of us!

I found out I was pregnant during the height of the fall shooting season-my absolute busiest season to date! The first trimester is always trying, but having so many sessions to keep me moving was actually helpful in making it through to the other side. That being said, there was little room or energy for really anything else.

I am twenty weeks as I type this, and it wasn't a big plan to wait SO long to share this news- I consider my clients part of my family and love to share important life changes when I can, but it has taken some time to finally have energy again (and to be caught up on pictures and editing) to talk about this exciting time!!

But now here we are!

How did we find out?!:

I have always been a VERY early pregnancy finder outer...I swear I start feeling weird from the moment I become pregnant. I was starting to have some nausea in the morning, and was suspecting I might be pregnant! I took an initial test, and it was without a doubt negative. I was a little surprised, but when the nausea persisted, I took another test two days later, and bingo- two blue lines staring back at me.

Unfortunately, Bryan had to work late that night and had a work dinner engagement, so I couldn't tell him until the next morning. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't wait to tell him! He was so surprised- honestly, we had been trying for a little bit of time and wasn't sure if this would even happen! .... he made me take a few more pregnancy tests after I told him of the negative to positive tests- he said he needed to make sure he could get excited!

How are Noah and Mylo handling the news:

Welp to be honest Mylo isn't there yet! I think it won't click for her until a baby shows up in her home, but Noah is so kind and so excited! He is sort of an old soul, wise beyond his years in a lot of ways. He is often telling Mylo "You need to wait, Mylo, Mommy needs to eat, she has a baby in her tummy." He just seems to get that things are a little different, and I know he will be a BIG helper when the baby comes.

How am I feeling?!

Really good at this point! Life gets a lot brighter after the first trimester- the hormones, as well as the nausea, were really tough this time around but thankfully much better now.

I think there was just a lot on our plates during that season, but I am feeling so good at this point in time! Hoping it continues through the next few months!

I try my hardest to keep moving my body while I am pregnant. Even when I don't feel like it, it always makes me feel better and gives me more energy- I started using the App "Move Your Bump"- which has schedules of pregnancy workouts and I have been enjoying it SO much. Highly recommend to keep you moving and feeling good while your body changes so much- also for me personally, morning pregnancy workout or bust.

We will be keeping this gender a surprise. We found out with Noah - but Mylo was a surprise, and that surprise was one of the best moments of my life! This time we are so excited either way to find out who will be the tie breaker! I am thinking girl, and Bryan is thinking Boy- what is your guess?!!

I will keep shooting as long as I can! I love my job SO much and really don't stop until I am in breach of not being able to capture my newborn clients (with ebb and flow in birth date windows), so please let me know if you would like to snap some pretty spring pictures before the middle of June is upon us! Even with a waddle, I'm your girl!

Thanks for all of the love with our baby bump news, it means so very much!

Love, XO Amy