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Valentines Day MINIS!!

This weekend is Valentine's Day!

This is unexpectedly one of my favorite HOLIDAYS! I've always loved it- I think it's because my Mom made Valentine's day so special when I was growing up. With little gifts and treats leading up to the day and extra special ways to say I love you! It was never about elaborate things, but with sweet paper products, cards, plates, and sweet treats!

I am trying to start similar traditions with Noah and Mylo - Noah is already saying " Valentine's Day is when you say how much you love one another," and hey cupcakes don't hurt right?! I think this holiday is a great way to break up the winter lull and make these cold, long months of January and February just a little bit brighter! <3

A little while back, I rented a studio for Valentine's day and hosted a few Valentine's Day Mini Sessions! I always loved this idea- and hope to do it again one day! I wanted to share a few throwback favorites from this time, to hopefully brighten your day and give you a little bit of inspiration while we look forward to spring! Let me know if you would like to do Valentine's Minis again one day- I would 100 percent be up for it :)