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Three tips on choosing your Wedding Photographer!

Getting married is so darn exciting!! Isn't it?!

I remember the early days in planning my own wedding, it was so easy to go down a Pinterest rabbit hole. Planning my wedding and dreaming about what it would look like became a second job of sorts. I spent A LOT of my free time thinking, saving, and dreaming about it.

Finding a photographer for your wedding is hands down one of the MOST important decisions you will make. After all, a good photographer should give you the lasting memories you will have long after the flowers fade and the Newlywed feels wear off. It will be what you look at each year on your Anniversary, reliving that day in your mind, or at least I do! And lastly, a visual representation of your wedding day throughout your entire life! It's a big deal.

I know the decision is not easy, but here are three simple tips on choosing your wedding photographer!

  1. Find someone whose style you love!

Do bright and airy images make your heartbeat just a little faster? Or do the dark and moody pictures speak to you?! Pay attention to the images you find yourself drawn to.

Don't know? Go on Pinterest and create a board of Wedding images you love. What is the common theme between them? Are they light and golden sunset images, or are you seeing more darker moodier tones. Pay attention to how the pictures you pulled make you feel.

Once you feel like you know your style or the style of images you hope to see in your gallery future Wedding images, find a photographer whose style matches! I shoot and edit in a bright and airy film-inspired style. I am forever chasing well-lit rooms, clean backgrounds, and beautiful light filmed images. This is what you would expect from me if you hire me as your wedding photographer. Make sure the vibe fits- as more than likely, your photographer is going to capture images similar to what they are already showing in their work.

2. Get to know them!

Before hiring your wedding photographer, take some time to get to know them! In today's world, this may look like a phone call. The goal for the future should be a face-to-face meeting if at all possible. I love coffee meetings or meetings in my home studio! I'll bring you donuts :)

Take the time to listen to how your potential future photographer talks about photographing weddings. What do they like about it? How did they get started? What makes them tick? What are their favorite parts of the process? What do you have in common? Make sure you go past the initial email conversation as you will spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day. Learn as much about them as you can!

3. Have your photographer walk through the day.

It's hard to visualize what your wedding day will feel like. Up until your actual wedding day, it may feel more like a series of decisions rather than an entire day. You know you will be wearing this dress, eating this food, holding these flowers, and marrying that cute person, but what does the actual day feel like?

One of my favorite things to do in Wedding meetings is to talk through the wedding day. What does it look like? I love to walk potential brides and grooms through the entire day. How will we start? Typically with shooting teeny tiny details. What is the flow of the day? How will all of the portraits work with the timeline? When will we fit in Family Portraits and Bride and groom Portraits, how can I do a first look with my dad. All of these good things!

This is such a fun reason to talk through the day, visualizing how it all flows from a Wedding and Photographer standpoint and dream together about how it all fits and flows! It will also give you insight into how your photographer typically works and what you can expect from them on your wedding day! Plus, it's just plain fun- dream about this day, it's going to be amazing!

Hiring a photographer for your wedding is such an exciting decision! I know it can feel overwhelming, but ENJOY this process! It's one of the best parts and you are bound to make a fantastic decision!

If I can help you in the wedding planning process or you want to chat, please reach out! I'd love to hear from you and I hope you found these suggestions helpful,

Love always,

Xo, Amy