Amy Dunkel photography


That's what Christmas means to me...

I used to think I liked Holidays...

But then I had kids, and realized that I love Holidays.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing like the excitement my three year old Noah currently brings to the table. Picking out a Christmas tree- excited! Pulling out ornaments from the dusty attic box- excited! Watching his face when we turn the tree on for the first time- VERY excited. Mylo is in on the action too- but Noah is starting to understand the action. That is a different ball game. He lights up for Christmas.

I finally understand when people talk about the magic of Christmas, because I see it through him. I often find myself not taking as many pictures as I want during these occasions- because I'm busy Mom-ming them- making sure they've eaten dinner and aren't running in the road- that kind of stuff. But I did manage to get a few- and they make me smile.

We had a very family Christmas- and then flew to Hawaii on the 26th of December- it was a lovely Christmas. I hope yours was the same!

The Christmas Tree picture is taken at ISO 10,000- that's cranked all the way up there for you photo lovers- hence the BIG grain-but that was the first night we had our three and Noah is making his "silly" face, so I can't help but love it!