Amy Dunkel photography


Rumpke Family | Annapolis Family Session

I had the honor of photographing the Rumpke family RIGHT before Christmas( three days before to be exact). This was incredibly special for two reasons. One- the Rumpke extended family was in from out of town for the Christmas Holidays- and it was so fun watching them enjoy each other's company. Two- this was my last session for the year.

I felt nostalgic, thinking of how great a year it's been and how many families I had gotten to see and photograph. How many new babies I had met, how many kids had grown one year older, and how many babies would be born in the new year. Sappy, I know!

Plus the Rumpke's were so fun and so kind- you could really feel how much they were enjoying one another and it felt exactly what Christmas is all about. For all of those reasons, this was such a noteworthy way to finish out the year.

Thanks for having me Rumpke Family!

P.s. - how cute is Mary Jane with her blonde hair and blue eyes? LOVE!