Amy Dunkel photography


Rehoboth Family Trip

We had a few trips planned this year. We love to travel any chance we get! The kids know they get to eat all the candy they want and watch movies on repeat on long plane rides. They are always game for an adventure and Bryan and I have a traveling spirit inside too!

But as this year kept unfolding, like most families, we decided to cancel our plans for big travel. We were bummed, but it was absolutely better to be on the safe side and air on the side of caution. Womp, Womp.

However, a few weeks ago, we started to get the itch for a tried and true summer vacation! After much googling and searching, we found the perfect little house in Rehoboth beach Deleware. While this was not originally the plan, it was better than we could have ever expected- and may just become our yearly go to!

The kids loved the beach, we ate good food, and went on so many walks. It was the summer vacation we needed in this season, and I will always think back on this week with so much love in my heart!

Here are a few pictures from our impromptu summer getaway!