Amy Dunkel photography


Michelle + Jason | Kent Island Family

So story time...Michelle and Jason's two-year-old Paul was not a big fan of me during our session together. Some may use the word afraid, others may use the word aversion. However you want to spell it out, he was skeptical. I tried to win him over, I told him how I was a I had a little girl his age- but nada. Zip. Zero. No such luck.

The GOOD news, however, is that little Paul has a very close, loving, heart-melting relationship with his amazing Momma and Dad. <3 These three are close, SUPER close, and because of that (and not my charm), we were able to make absolute magic during this session.

Our session took place at Matapeake Beach in Kent Island Maryland, where Michelle and Jason sang, danced, ran, and tickled Paul during our session to get the pretty pretty pictures you are about to see. When toddlers are involved, everything is game :)

Michelle and Jason- thank you so much for having me!!! I loved my evening with you so very much!! You guys are #goals- and next year, Paul and I are going to be besties