Amy Dunkel photography


Lyndee + Alex | Baltimore Maternity Session

I met Lyndee when she was pregnant with her first daughter, Logan. She was one of those people that instantly felt like a friend, and well the feeling has remained ever since! When I heard that news that Lyndee was expecting a SECOND baby girl, I was so happy for her and- and beyond excited to take her pictures again!!

This time I snapped Lyndee, her husband Alex, and now toddler Logan at North Point State Park in Baltimore for their Maternity Session. What a beautiful place! Recommended by Alex- he comes here every once and a while to fish!

With the long bending flowing river, and light river rocks giving the best reflection. Lyndee was absolutely glowing with this new baby girl- and I loved capturing this moment in time. I can't wait to meet their new baby girl when she makes her debut, congrats Lyndee, Alex, and Logan! Thank you as always for inviting me to the party :)

Read below for Lyndee's words on getting ready to welcome her baby girl!

  1. Tell me about your journey in pregnancy. I think I told you my life story yesterday LOL

  2. What inspired you when decorating their nursery? Neutral tones with pops of feminine color- I based the colors off of an abstract face canvas painting I bought.. 

  3. How is life going to change once this sweet baby makes their appearance or how its changed since they've been will get a bit more crazy- but for the better! Can’t wait to watch Logan become a big sister and can’t wait to watch Alex become a father of 2! 

  4. Tell me your thoughts and feelings when you think of the day you get to meet your baby/ or the day you met your baby if they are already here. It’ll be different this time around because of COVID. A lot of unknown and nerves, but once she’s here- nothing else will matter and it’ll be a new whole level of love in our hearts!

  5. Finish this sentence, My baby coming into our family is ...a blessing! We wanted two children close in age and now we are making that a reality! Bittersweet for Logan to transition from the only child into a big sister ...