Amy Dunkel photography


Jess + Mike | Severna Park Family Session

There's nothing I like better than getting to see my families and couples again...and again.. and again! They become like family to me, and it brings my heart SO much JOY to watch them grow and get to catch up on all. the. things.

This is especially true for Jess + Mike and their three beautiful children. I had the honor of capturing both Kennedy and James' (the second and third kiddos) newborn portraits, and have loved this family ever since!

Jess and Mike were hoping to get some updated family pictures, and with Mike's parents in town for the session, it made it all the more special to capture the whole crew! My heart is still bursting for sisters Kennedy + Reagan in their flower crowns and Zara dresses and Jess and Mike's beautiful backyard oasis! It was like a dream.

Thank you for having me Jess + Mike, such a treat as always, until the next time!!