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Finding joy in quarantine


I've debated even sharing this with you because I know... you are getting messages from every company you've ever interacted with... even the one that offered the Donut Deal that one stinking time.  Here's the good news...This isn't a post telling you how I plan to handle Covid19.  Honestly, most days I don't know, but it's the same as you. I'm handling it day by day, sometimes minute by minute. One cup of coffee at a time. 

Here's what I DO want to tell you... I am thinking of you SO MUCH right now.. I've been with some of you after you've had your baby, or during a first birthday cake smash, or as your five year old lost their two front teeth! It's hard for me to know that YOU are having a hard time right now- because I love the crap out of you.  So while we are all navigating this weird place together- please let me know if there is ANY way I can help you-pray for you, bring you groceries, take your picture from the porch because I want to do that for mean so much to me. 

I also want to share with you WHAT has been bringing my JOY. Choosing JOY even when times are tough is the only way through. I'm cheering for you today, and I am always here for you. 

  1. Up Worthy on Instagram. I am mostly off the NEWS at all times, not just during COVID. While we all need to know more of what's going on these days, I am trying to be super careful about when I am ingesting the news. Luckily- Up Worthy is my current go to for HAPPY happenings, and we all need more happy, am I right?!

  2. Pinterest- this has always been one of my guilty pleasures- but lately it seems like even more of a safe space (for now). A place to be inspired without fear of a troubling headline. I find I go there to dream about plans for the future when life returns more to normal. Check out my Farm House Love Board- it's where I pin prettiness for my 1913 farmhouse :)

  3. For your littles- check out the site Noah loves doing these lessons-plus they are educational and give him something to do- as a Momma trying to figure out what to do with an almost 4-year-old- this brings me joy! (Thanks for sharing this with me Alex Nichols). 

  4. Lastly- planting seeds! We are trying to be cost-conscious in this season-I know a lot of you are too! Starting flowers from seed is a great way to do that- as seed packs can have 50-500 flowers in them for around 2$! Plus, seeds need a little extra love to get going- like daily water and good sunlight. Since most of us are home more than normal right now, it's a great time to grow a garden without extravagant cost and flowers boost endorphins. My favorite seed company is Floret Farm.  (P.s. You can plant seeds in egg cartons) #Winning.

What are you doing to bring joy in your life? Please reply back and let me know! I am cheering for you today and every day.