Amy Dunkel photography


Ferris Wheel Maternity | National Harbor

So it was recently my best friend's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTY!

Kristy was my college roommate- turned life long do everything together- raise babies together friend. I hope you have a friend that fills that role in your life- they are SO important, especially in Motherhood (umm toddler tantrums solo? - no thank you).

And so I went looking for a good picture to post online and found myself drawn to THIS gallery. For reference, the baby inside is now a wild two-year-old and there is a new baby on the way- but you guys. THIS is why you should take maternity photos- because it goes by that fast. That fast you are pregnant with the next babe. That fast the baby inside is a two-year-old. Take time to capture it, because you're gonna want to look back- I promise you.

See my own little guy- now big four-year-old as he photobombed one of these pictures too :)

I hope to do more sessions with this Ferris Wheel as the backdrop in the National Harbor because HOW fun is that?