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Here come's the third trimester with baby Dunkel # 3!

The long-awaited third trimester! I can't believe we are finally here!!! As I type this post, I am 28 weeks preggo going on 29 weeks!! The end is in sight and we are all getting so very excited and thankful with each passing week. :)

I thought it would be fun to share a few "Bump dates"- Bump Updates as we get ready for the final few months before we meet baby three!

1. We still don't know who is in there! I have had a few very detailed "girl" dreams, so I am on the side of girl, but Bryan and Noah are still thinking boy. Only time will tell! I can't wait to find out again!!

2. We do not have a name! Goodness, why is naming a baby always so hard?! We have a running list of very real contenders, but I think it may be the home stretch before we give this little one a name - boy or girl!

3. Baby is moving ALL THE TIME!!! My babes in utero are always very active, and this little one is proving to be no different. He or she is also full of constant hiccups- which reminds me of baby Noah!

4. I am still sleeping (praise). I start to have a VERY challenging time sleeping at the end of my pregnancies. So far, I am still getting solid sleep at night (most nights with the help of Melatonin) but sleep nonetheless. I am so thankful to have made it this far without losing good sleep, I know it's coming but I will take the rest while I can! The bladder however is on the struggle bus :)

5. Nesting. I am definitely in the nesting phase. There have been several impromptu house projects, and I had to take some time off of buying things on Facebook Marketplace. But with three years in between our last newborn, I am in the beginning phases of figuring out everything we still need for the baby (and trying my best to chill with the house projects for Bryan's sake, although no promises).

6. This photography spring season has been so beautiful! I have seen a lot of new phases, and have been shooting a lot of Maternity sessions! I love any sort of session that comes my way but have really enjoyed shooting expecting Mommas with my own babe growing on the inside.

7. Maternity leave! I love my job so very much and plan to shoot as long as I can! My due date is June 25th, so I start wrapping up a few weeks before then, and then by back for the fall season in September! Hopefully, the baby is sleeping in solid increments of time by then for the busy fall season! :)

8. I am most excited to meet this baby (hopefully with a beautiful epidural in place- give me the good vibes for that happening) and find out how who is inside and to see their sweet face. I can't wait for Noah and Mylo to hold their baby brother or sister as well! Pregnancy is always such a wild ride and a crazy wonderful blessing.

Soaking in these final months as we get ready to welcome this new love! Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement in this season! <3 It's been so fun to share in this time with all of you.