Amy Dunkel photography


Bridesmaids pretty in pink shoot

A while back I had the opportunity to shoot these beautiful ladies- all wearing pink with floral crowns! Ahhh, a photographer's dream!

This is still one of the prettiest evenings I've ever been a part of- the sunset at Matapeake beach in Kent Island, Maryland was pure perfection and seemed to effortlessly bounce the light from the pink, chiffon dresses.

I love the movement these images bring, as well as the youth and energy. It reminds me how fast life moves- when you are in your teens and early twenties, you spend SO much time enjoying your girlfriends. I have years of memories where it was just me and my girlfriends- dinner dates, weekend adventures, sunbathing at the beach! The best!

Then at some point in time, life shifts. You start settling down, getting married, buying houses, getting serious with work, having babies! It's all good things, but represent totally different chapters of an ongoing story. To me, these images represent a lot of JOY and how fun it feels to get ready amongst your besties on your wedding day or a chance to all get together again and feel young and free! Enjoy!