Amy Dunkel photography


Baby Winter | Severna park Maryland Newborn

I absolutely adore when I get to see my sweet families again after they have another baby! I photographed big brother River (now two years old) when he was a new nugget and had such an amazing time with Steph, Jeff and brother Atlas.

I was over joyed when Steph told me she was expecting another baby :) This time a girl! Our session together was a mix of what I love best- beautiful candids, intimate moments, and all of the best kind of feels.

I loved when Big brother Atlas wanted to have a few pictures taken with the baby in his bedroom, how darn sweet. This little lady is already so loved, she will have fierce protectors as she gets older and I could not be happier for you Steph and Jeff!! Enjoy your party of five and thanks again for having me!

Read below to hear Steph's words on welcoming her little one.

  1. Tell me about your journey in pregnancy.We originally thought our youngest was going to complete our family, but 9 months after he was born, we couldn't shake the feeling that our family was missing someone!

  2. What inspired you when decorating their nursery?We originally thought our second was going to complete our family, but when he was 15 months, we just couldn't shake the feeling that our family was missing someone! I found out I was pregnant on Mother's Day 2021.

  3. How is life going to change once this sweet baby makes their appearance or how its changed since they've been born.It's going to become more chaotic, but we are looking forward to that chaos! It was such a joy to watch our oldest son step into the role of big brother when his little brother was born, and we can't wait to watch our second do the same with his little sister. I'm also looking forward to adding a little more feminine energy into the household!

  4. Tell me your thoughts and feelings when you think of the day you get to meet your baby/ or the day you met your baby if they are already here.We cannot wait to meet her. She is already a big part of our family and we talk about her as though she's already here. Our oldest son is so excited for his little sister. I am most excited to see our two boys to meet their little sister for the first time.

  5. Finish this sentance, My baby coming into our family is ...what was always meant to happen!