Amy Dunkel photography


Baby Ruthie + Ronnie | Kent Island Maryland Twins

From the moment I laid eyes on baby Ronnie and Ruthie, I was completely smitten with them. The tiniest of duo's- already so very loved for their Kent Island Maryland in home Newborn Session. Snapping the arrival of Ronnie and Ruthie was as dreamy as I imagined it to be. Big Brother Walt did an amazing job too, he will be the protector of his brother and sister. Lauren and Jordan, you are both twin parent rockstars!! Thank you so much for having me, I loved every minute with you!!!

Follow below to hear Lauren's words on welcoming her sweet twins.

  1. Tell me about your journey in pregnancy. We wanted our kids close together so we were so excited when we found out I was pregnant when my son was just 9 months old. Then we found out it was twins and we've never been more shocked in our lives! It has been challenging but we're so excited!

  2. What inspired you when decorating their nursery? Simplicity and functionality! I wanted the room to feel comfortable and cozy and neutral since it will be shared by our boy/girl twins.

  3. How is life going to change once this sweet baby makes their appearance or how its changed since they've been born. I think our lives will be filled with a lot more craziness, sleepless nights and diapers but also with so much more love, joy, smiles, laughter and full hearts!

  4. Tell me your thoughts and feelings when you think of the day you get to meet your baby/ or the day you met your baby if they are already here. I'm very excited! A bit nervous of course regarding the delivery for twins and just praying the babies and myself are healthy through it all but I am just so excited to meet them and hold them and love on them and introduce them to all the people who already love them so much!

  5. Finish this sentence, My baby coming into our family is ...loved beyond measure!