Amy Dunkel photography


Baby Franco | Baltimore in home newborn session.

I had to double, and triple-check that Jenna had just had a baby. This amazing Momma looked so beautiful (wearing a dress borrowed from her Mom)- and was equally as kind!

I absolutely adored getting to meet the Berman family- as they welcomed sweet baby Franco. This little guy, named after his Dad- was super chill during my time with him and we snapped so many gorgeous pictures inside their Baltimore home!

They made me miss City life (Bryan and I have previously lived in Fell's Point before moving over the bridge), but hopefully, the FOMO will be fulfilled by more amazing city baby and outdoor sessions!

Jenna and Franco- enjoy your baby boy! Thank you so much for having me and the kind welcome :)

Scroll down for Jenna's words on welcoming her baby boy!!!

  1. Tell me about your journey in pregnancy.I was one of those weirdos who loved pregnancy! it was truly pretty easy for me and i cherished every moment growing this sweet little boy knowing it was the last time it would just be me and my husband!

  2. What inspired you when decorating their nursery?i wanted his room to be modern and peaceful. i’m not really into anything too “baby” so i wanted to make it a little more mature with touches of sweet baby accents. 

  3. How is life going to change once this sweet baby makes their appearance or how its changed since they've been born.everything has changed! our world is centered around this little guy who needs us! we couldn’t be happier and seeing my husband as a dad has been more special than i imagined. 

  4. Tell me your thoughts and feelings when you think of the day you get to meet your baby/ or the day you met your baby if they are already was magical! that’s the best way to describe it, after the epidural of course :). it was so special and emotional, i still can’t believe he is ours! with everything going on with covid i was sad no one could come to the hospital but looking back on the time the 3 of us got to spend together those first few days, i wouldn’t change it for the world! 

  5. Finish this sentance, My baby coming into our family is ...a blessing! we feel so lucky we get to protect this little heart for the rest of our lives!