Amy Dunkel photography


Ashley | Kent Island Senior

Truth moment- I absolutely adore senior sessions, the way Seniors view the world and ALL of the big things to come is absolutely infectious. I come away even more excited about all of the things happening in my own life, just because the excitement from my sweet senior is literally spilling over and running into my cup.

Ashley was no exception. Ashley pulled into her senior session in a pickup truck and then soon after saddled up on her horse Frank. I loved her immediately. As she guided Frank out of the barn, I was in awe of her.

I soon learned that Ashley is steady, assured, ready. She moved Frank around the pasture with ease, both her and Frank's hair blowing in the breeze. She does not get easily thrown off course. She smiles with confidence but also gratitude.

Ashley is heading off to Florida for college in the fall and wore a lemon dress that was her sisters for her second set of pictures at Terrapin Beach Park in Kent Island Maryland. Ashley, you are absolute light, keep shining girl. Always go through life the way you ride your horse, you're going to move mountains. Thank you for letting me into your story that is only just beginning.