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5 REASONS I'm loving my new Macro Lens!

Camera lenses! ......

When you first start in photography you quickly learn that you want ALL THE LENSES, like all of them.

And after you learn that you want all of them, you then go to Amazon Prime and realize that they are not cheap, at all. Lenses are an investment.

An investment in a good lens should last you a long, long, long time. Like a good lens that you purchase when your baby is a baby, should allow you to take pictures of that same baby on their wedding day! They are built to last and perform, which makes them expensive.

My very first lens (My Canon 50 MM 1.2) was a SERIOUS investment. But I knew, it would allow me to take ALMOST all of the pictures I would want for the period until I was ready to invest in a new lens. And it has, it has been my only lens for the last three years...

Until Now. I was ready to invest in a new lens and I knew exactly what that would be.

Guys, Meet my new baby. The Tamon af 90 MM MACRO 2.8. This is a lens I've been excited to buy and use for years, and when it came last week, I was like a kid at Christmas.

Here are five reasons I'm loving this lens!

  1. The close-up details! Obviously, I bought this lens for this very reason! To be able to get SUPER CLOSE to people or objects and take their picture. But I am loving just HOW much detail I am able to capture. This will be SO hopeful on wedding days when I want to capture all of the little details that mean so much.

2. It's allowing me to uplevel my Newborn Photography. I've been shooting babies for years- with a background as a NICU nurse, this is my comfort level. But I still haven't been able to take ALL of the shots I wanted because I didn't have a true macro lens. Now I can get SUPER close to teeny tiny toes and eyelashes and still get crystal clear images, winning.

3. It's a Prime lens.

I'm a Prime girl. What does this mean? A prime lens doesn't zoom in and out- you move closer to farther away from the object or person to change your view and frame. Why would you ever want this?!

Two reasons- One- Prime lenses let in MORE light (aka the entire name of the game), and Two- they really force you to be a fluid, dynamic, moving part of the process. I am moving almost the entire time I am shooting. In my opinion, they MAKE you a better photographer. So a prime Macro was the right choice for me!

4. More options! You don't NEED a macro lens, in fact, I've been shooting for 3 + years without one! But, now that I have one, it gives you MORE options. Say you are photographing a flower- you can now take all the pictures you want with your 50 MM and THEN shoot an entirely different set of images using the same flower, but using a different lens. It adds to the overall gallery and brings an entirely new perspective.

5. The little things matter. The small details we hold sacred in our lives, why would we not want to photograph them?! The ring you wear every day, your babies' sweet new lips, the earings you save for that special date night. These things are SO meaningful, they are not an afterthought. So by being able to photograph them using a Macro lens- it puts the emphasis back on the little things, that still make up such a BIG part of all of our lives.

Have Macro questions!? Send them my way! I can't wait to photograph all of your Macro moments that mean so very much!!