Amy Dunkel photography



while they can feel the rhythm of your heart 


Life with your baby on the inside

instead of in your arms goes by in the blink of an eye- be sure to remember it..

this moment is precious

Celebrate it! 

You're glowing Momma, and you're going to want to look back on this time.. I promise..



When I first started shooting Maternity Portraits... I was amazed at just how much I loved them. I knew I'd love photographing babies, but Maternity!? My fondness for it took me by surprise...

When I think about it, the reason is because now I know.. I know your baby will be here in the blink of an eye. I know even though it doesn't seem like it, it will all go by so fast...

I know in three years you'll be reminiscing over the baby you carry trying to remember how it felt to feel them move on the inside...

Because I know the pictures we take together will help you remember,  they become even more precious.


It's a time you can't get back-be sure to take them.

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